Natural, Life, Style

Our natural, hypoallergenic mattresses are handmade with bespoke techniques, giving your bed the upgrade you deserve.

The sprout Advantage

Better sleep, naturally.

The difference is night and day.

Natural, chemical-free materials

Our mattresses are made using 100% dunlop latex, wool and silk, and natural cotton fibers. The majority of mattresses available today are made from foam or with chemical and synthetic additives, which can be harmful when breathed in over long periods of time, and are also harmful to the environment.

Temperature controlled, clean mattresses

Natural materials are more breathable than synthetics and foam. In synthetic mattresses, heat and moisture get trapped inside, which creates a breeding ground for millions of dust mites, bugs, mold & mildew. Sprout mattresses are anti-bacterial and clean.

Quality construction, made by hand

We use traditional stitching and tufting methods, and construct our mattresses by hand. Internal elements stay in place and the mattress maintains its proper structure and support for a longer period of time.

Upgrade your bed with our
full range of sleep products.

We won’t settle for anything less than the best sleep you’ve ever had.


Firm - Consistent support with emplasis on spinal Alignment


Regular - Optimum combination of support and pressure release.


Soft - Luxurious contouring plush, emphasizing pressure release.


Medium - Dunlop Latex Core


Medium - Dunlop Latex Core


Firm - Dunlop Latex Core